BLE or ANT+ or both needed

If my trainer is BLE, do I need to have ANT+ as well???



No, you can use the Zwift App to bridge the connection to your computer if you have a PC, with a Mac you can do it directly.


I have a brand new laptop- high end-gaming etc., still needed to get a dongle to get proper connection, according to my results and what I read online.

I had an Ant + dongle for my Garmin Vector, so I ended up using that. Still had problems, had to get rid of my wireless mouse when using the program, it seems to interfere.

Zwift has given me many issues, and the support has not been great. :frowning:

It’s suddenly not linking my rides to Strava? 

Every other training program I use seems flawless… :frowning:

How to you bridge with the zwift app?  Thanks!