Testing Zwift

Dear Zwift-Team,

I´m using Zwift on a brandnew PC in combination with a brandnew Wahoo Kickr3.

It took me 3 days ! to got a Connection between Zwift and Kickr via Bluetooth!

It is realy not very comfortable that I also Need a second device (Samsung 
Galaxy Tab S) to Keep the System running.

Sometime it works - sometime not: Zwift is searching and searching and…
and in most cases do not find any device…

Because of this Troubles I have no experiences with Biking with the Software.
I will let you know, if I could test this

Best regards

Using an ANT+ dongle and a USB extension simplifies the connection and eliminates the need for the ZML to connect the trainer. I would still suggest using the ZML during rides as it adds a lot of functionality.

Here is a link to the ANT+ dongle and USB extension in the Zwift store: https://shop.zwift.com/products/zwift-ant-starter-pack

You can purchase your own, I am just showing you what you would need to simplify it for you.

The only surprising thing is that Zwift paired with your Kickr at all, ever. Bluetooth is not supported on PC. The best thing to do is get an ANT+ dongle.