Using Kickr Snap with Android & Desktop PC

I’ve got a Wahoo Kickr Snap on the way and am super excited to get on Zwift. I’m trying to make sure I have everything ready to go for when it gets here. 


With this setup, I won’t have a dedicated PC to run Zwift. I’ll be using the PC in my basement with a second monitor. This PC does not have any wireless connectivity (wifi/bluetooth/Ant+), but is on my home’s network via wire. 


I have an android phone which I plan to use to run the Wahoo app. 


What am I missing in order to send power info etc. from the Snap to Zwift, if Zwift will be run on my PC? Do I need an ANT+ dongle, or can Zwift Mobile Link bridge that gap (Send Trainer data to Zwift via my phone)?

Thanks so much.

Hi Jerry,

Ant+ dongle is a must have item if you use an Android, which can have major issues with Zwift. I spent 36 hours trying every single thing I know to make it work, only to learn this fact from Support. Bought Ant+ dongle and was Zwifitng in 60 seconds.


Use the Phone to run ZML for chat and joining other riders. ZML drops a LOT, so using it to connect sensors would be maddening.

Zwift is great!   No more winter blues from not riding.  :slight_smile:

Hi Jerry, you will love Zwift once you get started.

You are going to need an ANT+ USB dongle to connect to your PC. Zwift Mobile lInk w (the companion app) works of Wifi when using Zwift so you won’t be able to use that if you are not running Zwift through Wifi. 


Thanks for saving me the pain of what you went through!

I’ve ordered up an ANT+ dongle. Local shops either didn’t seem to have them or were priced 3x-4x the same units online :frowning:


Guess I’ll wait a few more days!

Make sure you pair the Snap to Zwift with the FE-C option. I made the mistake of pairing it through the generic ANT+ initially and got loads of signal dropouts where the registered power would drop to zero for a couple of seconds every 5 minutes or so.  Haven’t had a single one since I paired it as an FE-C device. 

A USB extension cord that allows you to place a bit of distance between the ANT+ dongle and your computer will also help with reducing communication problems.  Best signal will be obtained if the ANT+ is placed close to the trainer.

Once the Snap has been calibrated you don’t need to run the Wahoo app on your phone to use zwift.  Daily calibration spindowns can be run directly through the pairing screen on Zwift by clicking the spanner icon (after first warming the trainer up by riding for about 10 minutes).

I think there was a change a couple updates ago that improved the Zwift spin down routine. I used to time out on it, but it works very well now. Agreed on the FE-C device, but I think that is the only way it installs now after the change. Spin downs are not needed on a daily basis, in my experience.

USB extension cord was a good call that I forgot to mention. You will love Zwift. You will need a mat, fans and/or window if you can, sweatbands, towels and desiccants for your shoes to keep them dry. Keep tools for fit changes and tuning nearby as the best benefit of the trainer is it controls variables and allows great bike fit tuning.

Use a spirit level on your handlebars to get them level when you set up the bike trainer. Very important.

Thanks for all the advice!

I took delivery of the Kickr Snap last night and, anxious to get it setup, used my touring bike until I get the Thru Axles delivered for my ‘Road’ (Gravel) bike. 

My ANT+ sensor should be here soon too, but I WAS able to use ONLY the Zwift Mobile Link Application on my Android Phone to send signal to the PC which was running the Zwift application. 

It’s a noteworthy point that if you have an android or IOS device, you CAN bridge the signal and send power data from your trainer, and Zwift will also control the resistance on the trainer.

That said, Power is not immediate with this method nor are adjustments, but it still worked very reliably with zero drops or spikes/sags in power - Just with a 1-2 second delay on input.


Really fun so far! I never thought I’d have so much fun being so miserable!