No Luck With KICKR '18 and Zwift on Galaxy S8

I’ve been excited to try Zwift for a while now. Unfortunately, it won’t connect with my PC with Bluetooth (I have the ANT+ on order), so I was psyched to get a download of the Android app.

My phone can find the KICKR fine, it works in the Wahoo App and Training Road, but no luck with Zwift. It gets stuck on searching, searching, searching… I tried all the obvious stuff - rebooting, unplugging, making sure no other Bluetooth devices are interfering. I’m not sure there’s anything else I can be doing at this point, but any advice would be appreciated -

Don’t pair it with your phone in bluetooth settings. Unpair it and then search for it in Zwift.

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I was in a similar position around Christmas when I first unboxed my KICKR and joined Zwift. I’ve since ordered a Garmin ANT+ and never looked back, but will try to remember what I can from how I was able to get it to work correctly.

I launched Zwift on my computer, and once you’re logged in, you’ll come up to the connections screen. At this point, launch the “Companion” app on your android app (mine was a Samsung S8, in case it matters). As long as your computer and your phone are both on the same wifi network, you’ll begin to see waves start to emanate from the phone icon (right icon of the two icons in the top left corner). This means that your computer’s Zwift instance is seeing your connection via your android device and will allow you to pair, using android as a bridge between the KICKR and the computer.

I found this as a great way to get started, but nearly as great of a solution as the ANT+ dongle was.

Hope this helps get you started.

Thanks Michael, that worked. My watts are all over the map, though - jumping about 150 - 200 with very little pedal stroke change. I’ll try recalibrating in the Wahoo App and giving another go.

Jason - Thanks - I did just order the ANT+ dongle so I can use it on the PC! Appreciate the help.