How to setup samsung, zwift, kickr


I have a Sansung S7 phone (with the zwift companion app installed), a samsung TV that I can screen share from my phone to the TV. I also have a laptop that has bluetooth.

I have paired my kickr to the wahoo app on the phone, and am downloading the zwift app as we speak.

I don’t know what I am supposed to do between the phone and the computer to get riding on zwift.

Any tips?


Hey Ivan, welcome to the WATTerful world of Zwift :smile:

First you’ll want to unpair your Kickr from your Wahoo app and pair it straight to Zwift.
We have a guide on how to pair to Zwift via BLE here:

Once you pair successfully you should be on your way!

Here are some other helpful guides in our “Completing Your First Ride” section of our Support Hub: Riding in Zwift

Hi Vincent,

I tried going through the companion app setup. There are rings in the top left corner, which shows that the phone is attached to the computer. In fact, the app changes to the controller mode. However, when I click on pair device on the computer for any of the devices (ant+ heart and cadence, wahoo kicker core) nothing happens. It just says SEARCHING, without ever finding anything. Any ideas how to fix this?



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As an update, I turned everything off, and turned it back on (both computer and android app). The Kickr was found!

However, the ant+ heart rate and cadence sensor were not found. My phone can use ant+. Is the ant+ on the PC supposed to connect through the phone?


Glad the Kickr was found!

Zwift Companion only works with connecting Bluetooth devices. For ANT +, you’ll need to connect an ANT + dongle to your computer so your devices can read it.

Here’s a simple vid on how to set that up: - YouTube

And here’s a link to our ANT + starter pack:

Let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks Vincent.

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