Zwift cant find Kickr or RPM (bluetooth)

Zwift cant find my Kickr or RPM sensor even though my PC is paired to the devices, Im using Bluetooth 4 dongle (Broadcom). My iphone picks these up using the Wahoo App so no issue with the devices.

Any ideas?

You need to use the Zwift phone app to bridge the BLE connection to your PC. You cannot connect BLE directly to your computer to use Zwift.

A better option is to us an ANT+ stick in your computer and then you wont need to use the Zwift Phone app.

Hi James,

Paul is correct. We actually have a handy-dandy guide to using Bluetooth and Zwift right here:

Ride On.

Thanks Gents. Makes sense, sounds like the ANT+ dongle is the best way to go. Cheers.