which dongle?

(Karel Stodulka) #1

Hi, I’ve got the Elite turbo muin trainer, misuro B+, and Garmin edge 1000. The last thing I need to get Zwift working is a dongle. the Garmin ant stick does not support the edge 1000. Can you send me a link with the dongle that works?


(j m. (mgcc)) #2

For Zwift you will not need the Garmin only an Ant+ stick.

(Michael Henasey) #3

I use this:



(Karel Stodulka) #4

Thanks for the replies. There are too many gadgets involved. I’m a bit concerned about accuracy. Zwift say that they are working on the bluetooth platform, which would ease things up immensely. 

(Scott) #5

Hi Karel - you’re welcome to try out our BLE beta functionality today.

Otherwise, all you need is an ANT+ USB2 dongle and a USB extension cable to get it closer to your equipment and prevent dropouts.  

We recommend the Garmin USB-m as it has proven to have the best signal reception in the lab, but any USB2 dongle will work including the Tacx listed above.

If you’re in North America, try Competitive Cyclist.

If you’re outside North America, pop by Wiggle.

Ride On!

(Karel Stodulka) #6

Thank you Scott.

I’d like to be zwifting around, but I can’t get the things working.

According to Garmin, the ANT+ stick is not compatible with the Garmin Edge 1000. 

I was wondering if this dongle picks up the signal from the Misuro B+ sensor. Does anybody know? That would be the only option for me to use the dongle as I have no phone or tablet running Android or IOS. 

I will definitely try out the Tacx cable posted by Michael Henasey.

Thank you.



(Scott) #7

Hi Karel - Zwift actually doesn’t interact with your Garmin Edge bicycle computer. The USB ANT+ dongle allows Zwift (on your computer) to communicate directly with your trainer. 

Here are some instructions about pairing with the Misuro B+ sensor. We’d recommend pairing it as a power source. Hope this helps!

(Karl Krasnowsky) #8

Old thread, but still relevant. You’re recommending the dongle extension cord so it’s closer to the devices. If my computer is directly in front of my handle bars (on a neat little tripod stand that I picked up) how much closer does it need to be?

(Marlon Quan) #9

I have the ant+ stick that came with my Garmin 910xt.  It doesn’t seem to pickup my Garmin cadence sensor but the 910xt does.  Any thoughts?

(andrew hickey) #10

Hi what do I need to use zwift on a Samsung tablet.ive tried my PC with dongle but think my laptop too old.said graphic drivers too old.No update seems available for my laptop. What is my best option.Have already subscribed but unable to start up.

(Paul Allen) #11

Zwift will not run on Android.

You will need a PC, Mac or iOS device that meets the minimum requirements: http://zwift.com/get-started


(andrew hickey) #12

Thanks Paul.That’s a disaster for me so.will it operate with all new laptops.

(Karl Krasnowsky) #13

Andrew, is that a question? Probably not, the laptop will have to have the minimum requirements for zwift. Pretty much a system capable to run graphic intensive games.

(andrew hickey) #14

Hi Karl,
I think if I want to start zwifting I will have to purchase a new laptop then.Dont want to be spending fortune on laptop just to use zwift.

(Karl Krasnowsky) #15

Yeah, understood. I had the same problem. There are other less resource heavy training software options but zwift is darn cool if you’re willing to afford it. But to keep it in perspective, you’re still just sitting on a stationary bike going nowhere. Can’t beat the real thing.