Garmin 500 connection



I can not connect my Garmin 500 to this program 


What can I do?

Hi Juan,

You Garmin 500 is a cycling computer, which does not transmit data. Zwift does not work with cycling computers because it acts as your cycling computer.

Hi Eric 

Okay. So I have the speed sensor and cadence sensor of the Garmin 500 but they does not appears in the searching area at the app. I turn on the bluetooth buy either with bluetooth or without the bluetooth still does not appears in the searching area. 

I do not have power sensor. 

What can I do?


In addition to what Eric C. mentioned, you can use your Garmin Edge 500 concurrently with Zwift and record data from your sensors in both places (on your Garmin and in Zwift).

To answer your question about searching for sensors, you must have an ANT+ stick in your computer, and you will pair through your computer, not the phone. Your speed and cadence sensor likely transmits over ANT+, which is not the same transmission standard as bluetooth.

There’s the problem - we do not support Bluetooth at this time. You will need an ANT+ dongle to continue.

Please follow our Getting Started Guide as it should help show you exactly what is needed to start riding:


But Garmin 500 does not work with Bluetooth. So, Juan Jose should have an ANT+ speed/cadence sensors. You have to bougth ans USB ANT+ dongle

Where can I buy this USB ANT+ dongle ?

Any ANT+ stick should work. I personally use this one that came with my Garmin Forerunner 310XT. Suunto also makes a popular ANT+ stick. You can buy these pretty much anywhere, Amazon, Ebay, etc.

I have the cheapest one and works perfectly.

Hi Juan, 

Make sure that you get a USB2 or USB-m dongle.  Not all ANT+ dongles are the same and the USB1 versions won’t work with Zwift.