Zwift is not picking up my Garmin

HI, I’m new to this. Trying to connect Zwift with my Garmin Edge 520 plus (heart monitor, speed and cadence monitor). Garmin is on, sensors activated but Zwift is not connecting, it says Searching… all the time, no devices detected. Anyone knows what could be the issue? Thanks a lot

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the Garmin 520 does not broadcast speed and cadence to zwift, so you should turn it off and pair to the speed and cadence sensor.

Garmin is usually ANT+ sensors, do you have a ant+ dongle on you PC.

Tell us about your setup.

You don’t need the Edge 520 for Zwift, just the sensors.
For conecting these to the PC, you need an ANT+ USB Stick.

Use your Edge 520 only for outdoors, or the next question will be, why the speeds are different :rofl: :kissing:


Thanks guys! Do you by any chance know, if it can be any ANT+ dongle, any brand? Will try my luck at Electronics shops later on. Cheers

I have not experimented with different brands. Pick a store that has a good return policy.

A ANT+ dongle wont work on a Telephone, I assume you use a PC

My Garmin sensors have Bluetooth and it works fine. Check that before ordering ant+ dongle.