Ant+ Speed sensor issue

Hi All,

  Very excited to get on here but when I try to find my speed sensor it comes up with zero MPH and my rider does not move.

I can find my heart rate & cadence montior connecting ok. 

Should I have my Gamin edge 810 switched on to connect to zwift? new to this so appolagies if the questions sound stupid :slight_smile:

I’ve removed Garmin edge from my laptop as i’ve seen that thios can interfere

Any help will be greatfull recieved.




Hi Neil,

You’ll want to make sure all software and hardware which could connect to your speed sensor is disconnected, i.e. Garmin ANT agent, Garmin Edge head unit, etc.

Once you are certain that nothing is trying to access your speed sensor, have another go at pairing your speed sensor to Zwift :slight_smile:



this is good advice. I have a Garmin Edge 520, speed & cadence sensor. the speed is not found, but the cadence is found. However, the cadence is way off. I had my Garmin running and gave me a cadence reading of about 90, however, Zwift said about 50ish. 

So, should i turn off my Garmin all together? Also, i was using my iPad to connect to Zwift…haven’t tried my MacBook yet. From what i understand, these connect differently (bluetooth vs ANT+). Thanks for any help…i’m just a newbie.