Can't Pair Garmin speed/cadence senor with Zwift on iPad

My Trek has Garmin speed and cadence sensors attached which pair instantly when I run my Garmin Edge 520+ . However, when I turn off the Garmin Edge and try to pair them with the Zwift app running on my iPad (latest OS), the app never finds the sensors. I have given the app permission to use bluetooth. There is nothing else running that would attempt to pair with the sensors including any Garmin Edge devices. The app searches and searches but never finds anything. I know both sensors are awake because when I turn on the Garmin Edge, it immediately finds and connects to the sensors. Batteries in both sensors are brand new and have plenty of dc (3.25vdc) I have removed and reinstalled the Zwift app twice, still nothing. Any help would be appreciated.

Which Garmin Speed and Cadence sensor?

They could be ANT+ only and the iPad only has Bluetooth, which is why they wont connect.

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Paul, you hit the nail on the head. Even though they are identical “physically,” I apparently have the earlier version of the sensors, not the version 2s. I verified that with Garmin just a few minutes ago. Thanks for the slap on the side of my head!

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