Garmin Speed and Cadence sensor 2 connecting but not producing any metrics

Hey, I’ve just started on Zwift. I got a Garmin speed and cadence sensor 2 and have connected both via Bluetooth. However, when I get into either the companion app or Zwift app I get next to no speed or it just doesn’t pick up anything. Other times it will pick up the cadence but not speed.

I have disconnected and reconnected and made sure I am pairing the speed sensor and the cadence sensor appropriately.

Can anyone help?

Hi Tom.

Same issue for me. I posted a comment in other thread. Its a general issue and I hope someone from Zwift team can help us.

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Tengo el mismo problema, lo solucionaste? Alguien sabe cómo arreglarlo?

I have the same issue and had started another thread about this (had not seen yours yet). My Garmin cadence 2 sensor pairs and works well but my speed sensor 2 pairs but does not transmit and my avatar won’t move.

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Did you ever get an answer to this issue? Same problem.

Problem solved, sort of. Source of problem is IPhone 11. I paired an old android phone with sensors and works fine. Guess Garmin and Zwift don’t play nice on new iPhone.