iOS 14 connectivity issues

Hi all,

I wondered if anybody else is experiencing connectivity issues between Bluetooth speed sensors and Zwift?

I’m trying to use Zwift with my dumb turbo trainer, a Garmin speed sensor 2 and an iPhone 11 Pro running iOS 14.1 OS. My Garmin speed sensor is recognised on the Zwift pairing screen but displays 0 mph and ‘no signal’ which means my avatar is not moving when starting a ride. I’ve tried the usual methods or resetting the sensor, uninstalling the apps, etc with no joy!

I’ve tested the sensor which works fine using my Garmin edge 130 bike computer and also tested Zwift on my wife’s iPhone 11 running iOS 13 and it works. Seems to me that it’s an issue affecting iOS 14 and above…

Anybody else having the same problem or has a work around/fix?


Hi @Olly_Miskin

Is your garmin speed sensor Bluetooth? IOS won’t connect to a ANT+ sensor.

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Hello. Yes it’s Bluetooth and I know it works as I can connect in the same way on my wife’s iPhone running iOS 13.

Yes, i’ve had the same issue after two of the last three updates. asked zwift support about it and crickets. they connect but “no signal” devices are connected to iphone bluetooth per the settings, but not receiving data to zwift. cadence and speed sensor show up on my garmin watch.

tried pulling battery, forgetting and repairing devices etc. no luck.