Avatar not moving on IOS - all sensors are paired

I’m new to Zwift and was really looking forward to this platform but have found the experience very frustrating so far. I’m hoping someone in the community can assist. This is my set-up:

  • CycleOps Mag+ trainer
  • Garmin speed and cadence sensor 2
  • iPad and iPhone running IOS 14 with latest updates (tested both)
  • connected with Bluetooth
  • paid subscription

I have been able to consistently get the speed and cadence sensor paired to the iPad or iPhone but I encounter issues within the Zwift app getting the sensors to work. I was able to do one ride iOS the iPhone. Now I cannot get it to work with either the iPhone or iPad. I see a variety of connection scenarios after I get both sensors showing Bluetooth connected in the IOS settings:

  • sensors do not appear under Speed sensors
  • sensors appear and show not connected
  • sensors appear and show connected but when you go to train, the Avatar doesn’t move

It is the last one that is the most frustrating. I don’t understand why the app cannot recognize the connected sensors.

I’ve gone through the troubleshooting guides and all recommendations have been done.

If anyone out there has any suggestions to share, I’d be most appreciative.

Are your sensor also paired with a Garmin (or other) head unit, by chance? BLE can, I think, only connect with one device at a time, so if your speed and cadence sensors are already connected to a GPS head unit you will need to unpair that before you can get a good Zwift connection.

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Hi Nigel - Not using a Garmin head unit. I do have a Garmin watch which they are connected to via ANT+ but nothing else is connected to them via BLE. I turn Bluetooth off on my phone if I’m using the iPad and vice versa to make sure they’re aren’t competing for the BLE connection. What’s perplexing to me is when they show connected on the IOS device but the app doesn’t recognize them properly.