Bluetooth device paired, but avatar not moving

Hi everyone - I haven’t seen anyone with my similar situation so I thought I’d ask here.

I’m using a Tacx Blue Matic trainer (not a smart one) with a Wahoo BT cadence and speed sensor that I bought on amazon.

I’m connecting to Zwift via bluetooth on both my iphone X and Macbook pro. It picks up on my sensor and my trainer. When I pedal I can see my RPM change on the home screen, but when I start riding my avatar is not moving and just stuck on the side of the road. This is the first time I’ve ever used zwift so its not like I used up my 25km.

If anyone could help me out let me know. Spent the past 3 hrs trying to get this to work and getting pretty bummed out.

The movement of the avatar is determined by your speed sensor. Do you know if your speed sensor is paired to Zwift?
Where and how is your speed sensor mounted?

My cadence & speed sensor is mounted to the right side of the back tire. I made sure all is installed correctly… My sensor is detected and does pair with Zwift.

On the paired devices screen, it shows me my cadence and gives me an RPM, but says 0 MPH for speed sensor, but says its connected if that halps. For speed sensor it shows my Blue Matic trainer, and cadence is my Wahoo Blue SC.

Maria, I’m a bit confused. If your trainer transmits speed then why do you need a speed sensor?
A speed sensor should be mounted on your rear hub.

This is my front wheel as an example but a speed sensor needs to mounted this way. Cadence, rpm, will not move your avatar.
A cadence sensor should be connected to one of your cranks.

If you have two devices running the Zwift game app (not the Companion app) simultaneously, that creates all kinds of problems including this one. Please pick the device you want to use to run the game, and uninstall the app from the other one.