Bluetooth Connected - Rider not moving

I am connected via Wahoo Speed and Cadence sensor - bluetooth, however when load Zwift the rider doesn’t move. Been trying for a few days now.
Subscribed having read previous posts. Have Zwift on Windows Laptop.
Any suggestions??

Can you post a pic of your pairing screen.

Do you see wheel speed if you connect the Wahoo S/C to the Wahoo app?

Have you checked the alignment of the magnet of the wheel?

Any additional info could be helpful in assisting you in getting your issue resolved.

Yes it picks up my speed on Wahoo app.
RPM is being picked up in Zwift - but not Speed - still no movement - selected correct turbo - any more ideas?


I have simulare issues with my tacx vortex. It shows up on the paring screen when I connect with Bluetooth, but it doesn’t give my any signal or power reading. It says “so signal” which sometimes disappears. Any tips? I will get a ANT+ - Stick soon and try it again.
Thanks Lucas

hello, I have the same probleme, I’m connected buth the rider is not moving

I have similar issue just now. My speed sensor was connected but when I started ride, there’s no movement.
It’s happened when I started my meet-up ride but I cannot enter/change the world. It keeps crashing. Team Zwift please help me out.
All my sensors (speed,cadence,HR)connected.

Hello There, my friend is having similar issues right now. Did you ever get this issue fixed?

Hello all, I am very new to the smart trainer and the COVID19 circumstances forced me to do biking at home with a smart trainer. I recently bought a second-hand Vortex TACX trainer.
My. queries are:

  1. I connected my iPhone via TACX app with the trainer with no issues but I don’t get the reading such as speed, RPM, Etc… All zero and no information coming from trainer even I am biking for 15 mins at various speeds.
  2. Then I used my laptop installing the TACX desktop app. Paired the trainer and ANT + on the laptop bluetooth settings. However, the TACX app on the laptop doesn’t show any trainer to select. It looks like bluetooth is active but ANT+ is disabled or off.

Any feedback or suggestions will be welcome as I am new to Smart trainer and frustrated little bit fixing the issue.

Hi @Deepak_Chaudhary

  1. Don’t pair the trainer to anything but Zwift. Don’t even pair it to your phone. If it was paired to the phone then go to settings and forget the pairing.

  2. On you laptop you will nee a ant+ dongle to use ANT+. Also don’t pair the trainer to any app on your laptop and also unpair it in the Bluetooth settings on the laptop. Only pair in the Zwift software.

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Gerrie, Thanks for your suggestion.
I connected Zwift app on my iPhone with the trainer and it worked.

I am still surprise and wondering (shocked) what is stopping to connect TACX with bluetooth or ANT+.

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