New user - not moving

Hello folks,

I recently signed up for Zwift but my rider isn’t moving. I am using a basic trainer with Wahoo cadence and speed sensors linked to my iPhone.

The sensors are working fine on my element and showing my speed and rpm but despite showing they are connected it doesn’t seem to translate to Zwift. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


@Stephen_O_Neill have you paired those sensors in Zwift? Your head unit won’t broadcast that data to the Zwift platform.

Yea, the appear as connected before it throws me in to a session but my character doesn’t move after that.

When in the sensor pairing screen when you pedal does it show any numbers besides 0?

Are you running Zwift on your iPhone or another device? Cause if the sensors are connected to your iPhone (Bluetooth) and you are running Zwift on AppleTV you wouldn’t be able to have 2 concurrent Bluetooth syncs. You can only have 1 active Bluetooth stream per sensor, not sure how you connect them to your head unit but unless it’s ANT+ that may be the issue.

I don’t have a non-supported trainer so not sure if I can help out anymore but it sounds like there is some interference prevent Zwift from receiving the data from those sensors.

Hi Stephen,

If you see your speed sensors registering in the Paring screen that your avatar should move if you have an active subscription or if you are on the trial period.


Can you show us a screenshot of your Pairing Screen with the sensors connect and you are pedaling.

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Thanks for the responses. I am running Bluetooth from speed and cadence sensors to my iPhone. I have signed up to Zwift and currently on the 7 day trial period but my ‘flag’ is still greyed out - not sure if this is relevant or not ?