Rider stays still

I am new to Zwift and I have just subscribed to it so the free trial is still going. However, my avatar is not moving even though I have all the sensors on and synced to the app. The rpm’s stay at 0 no matter how fast I pedal. Please help!
I have a classic trainer and the wahoo speed and cadence sensors.

Hi @Luciana_Sarti, welcome to the forums.

Make sure the sensor is installed correctly, the magnet needs to pass by the sensor where the little arrow is, and it needs to be pretty close to it.

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Hi Mike, that’s for your response. The sensors didn’t come magnets, just a rubber case that you stretch to go around the hub of the tire and one for the pedal. I put the speed sensor on the hub and the cadence sensor on the wheel.

Oh, sorry, I thought you had this one:

Ok, how are you connecting them to your device that runs zwift, bluetooth?

Yes, Bluetooth. As soon as they move/ I pedal, they get connected to my phone and the Zwift, but once I go to the worlds, the rider won’t move.

Do you mean the phones Bluetooth? Forget them from your phone and let Zwift find them.

Hi Mike. I followed what you said and still can’t connect. I thought maybe it was my phone so I tried with a laptop and the rider still stays still :frowning: not sure what’s going on. I’ve sent emails to Zwift and Wahoo for help but so far no answer from either.

Do you see the speed change in the pairing screen.

No, I don’t. Once I get into the race only the RPMs show but the watts don’t and then shows “connection issue.”

I’m sure you meant the Cadence sensor is on your crank, somewhere near the pedals.

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My guess is that the sensor goes to sleep.

Try this:

  • Unpair everything
  • Start pedaling pair Speed sensor and see if you see speed mph in the paring screen.
  • Now pair cadence and HR.
  • Don’t stop pedaling
  • Press let’s go.

It worked! Sensors were faulty :woman_facepalming: thank you everyone! :slight_smile: