I’m new

I have just started with zwift everything is connected my RPM moves but my rider just stays still and I have just signed up to subscription and currently on the free 7 day trail.

Do you have a speed sensor or just a cadence sensor?

Can you post a run down of your setup to include the device you are running Zwift on, the devices you are trying to connect to Zwift and how you are connecting them.

I am using a speed and cadence sensor (Bluetooth) on my road bike which is hooked up to my turbo trainer (very basic ) I am running zwift on my iPad. The RPM aid moving so it’s picking something up but I’m not moving within the app

Post a pic of your pairing screen.

What watts are you seeing within Zwift.
RPM mostly refers to your cadence and that will not get you moving within Zwift.

I’ve sorted it woop woop thanks for the quick reply