Zero watt, RPM got reading

Hi. I’ve used Zwift successfully before with my Minoura Magride 60R but haven’t used it in a while (A month). Yesterday and today I tried to use again, successfully pair Speed & Cadence sensor, and also heart rate but only RPMs are registering, wattage is at zero and avatar does not move. Please advise.


Hello @Afiq_Mohd_Nasir, welcome to the forums.

What type of speed sensor are you using, is it one with a small magnet on rear wheel’s spoke? If so, make sure the magnet is close enough to the sensor to pick it up. Sounds like the speed sensor isn’t working based on your description.

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I’m using Magene S3+, yes something like that. I didn’t change any setting, still the same with the previous one. Last time work just fine.

I’ll try to check the sensor. Thanks Mike!

Make sure the battery is good too, could be dead.