Rider will not move

I have installed zwift today with new items. The cadence and the speed are connected but the rider will not move when I am riding. There has been times the rider has started to move then stopped so there seems to be a intermittent fault but I am unsure how or where to start to rectify it. I have checked the set up on my turbo trainer and it has had to be entered as other - due to its make not being listed. I have also checked tyre size et is set correctly. Please can anyone advise?

Can you post a pic of your paring screen.

What speed and cadence sensor are you using?

What device are you running Zwift on (PC, Mac, iOS, ATV, or Android)?

How are you connecting the S/C to the Zwift app (Bluetooth or ANT+)?

Can you use another app to see what your wheel speed is?

I am connecting via ANT, I am unable to see wheel speed anywhere, . I am using a pc on windows 10. The sensor I am using are xcaney sensors.

If you stay on the paring screen and pedal you should see a speed change in the Speed Sensor window.

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the speed does go up when on this page - its when you go on to the race page with the senary and other riders that I do not move :frowning:

Ok, when you enter the Zwift course, what watts do you see in the upper left hand corner?

Sorry for delay - watts work. Have had a play and realised that the speed sensor is not registering consistently when it is connected to the hub - if I put it on to the spooks it works all the time - but will this give accurate readings and is it safe to use this way?

I have never heard of that speed sensor before so I cannot comment on the correct way to mount it. Do you have a link to the website for that sensor?

I have never seen a cadence sensor that looked like that and needed to be mounted with zip ties.

Looks like the CAD goes on the crank arm and the SPD goes on the hun of the wheel: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/XCADEY-Computer-speedometer-ANT-Speed-and-Cadence-Dual-sensor-bike-speed-and-cadence-ant-Suitable-for/32751005986.html

You could try flipping the SPD 180 degrees to see if it gives you a better reading, you might have it mounted backwards.