Can't get my rider to move

I just installed Zwift on Max OS X 10.10.2. I have a Garmin USB2 Ant+ stick and on the bike a Duotap Ant+ sensor with magnets.  I also am riding a Kurt Kinect Stationary Trainer.   I have successfully paired the cadence/speed and specified my Kinect trainer.  When I start the race it shows my rpms but my rider does not move.  It shows 0 power.  How can I get the rider to move?  I have deleted and reinstalled Zwift but it hasn’t helped.  Any advice would be appreciated.

I’m getting the same on my dell with win 7.


I am having the same issue as Alan above. Did this ever get resolved?

Make sure your speed sensor is paired properly and that the ANT+ dongle is not too far away from it. Also make sure the magnet is aligned properly if it uses one and that the battery is fresh.

I have done as you have suggested but still nothing?

i am having this problem too.  all paired sucessfully.   ant stick is on a huge extension resting on my bike.  all batteries fresh…  all seems to be linked sucessfully, but rider wont ride… bummer

Ditto on the successful pairing, showed rpms but rider not moving. Anyone figure this out? 

Seems like everyone just has to submit a support ticket. I just did. My issues are more or less the same; really odd.

my ant+ stick is not even 2 meters from my trainer and as it is detected by the game, surely the distance is not an issue right?

Just one question; there is a mention of a battery that could be dead?

Is this different for many trainers? what battery are you talking about ? do some trainers have batteries inside?

I have a Tacx vortex smart, brand new, the ant+ as well.

If anyone has figured it out, please let us all know!!





Any fix to this issue? I’m having same for over 1 week.

Get a USB hub and a USB extension and get that Ant+ stick as close to the trainer as possible. Yes trainers have batteries. My Tacx Satori Smart has 2 AA batteries.

I have it literally 6 inches away. The Ant + stick is reading the speed/cadence sensor fine. My trainer does not have a battery.

To cut a (way too) long story short:

  1. as above mentioned; and this is essential stuff: Do ensure your trainer is very close to your pc/laptop if you have an ant+stick. I have mine at maybe 1 meter or so, definitely not 2 meters; oddly enough, even about 30 cm more or less can make the difference.

  2. I don’t know if Tacx already created an android app similar to the one Apple users have to update firmware (they said they were developing it, but I haven’t heard anything about it); you need it to update the firmware of the Vortex; (so do note that this is NOT that Tacx training android app, which by the way, you also want to install to calibrate your trainer correctly; this is by far the best solution I had to all my issues…); you need to use an iphone or apple tablet, install that Tacx app (i don’t remember the specific name of that app) and update your firmware. I asked a friend with an iphone so I suggest you do that if you don’t own one yourself.

Ride on!

Just for anyone else with the same problem, I was getting this on my Tacx Flow Smart on set up. As previously stated everything was connecting as per the instructions. However, my virtual rider would not move when pedalling. I did notice at one point that I had a loss of signal. At that point I unpaired the trainer and reconnected. Only later did I notice it had paired the second time as Tacx Flow 100 not Tacx Flow 11892 as it had the first time. Despite that oversight the trainer seemed to pair but rider would still not move. So, I rebooted the trainer and decided to take a look at the Tacx Utility app again to see if it was calibration problems. Low and behold there was a software/firmware update available for the trainer. Uploaded it from the app to the trainer. Then I unpaired the trainer again and on pairing the Trainer came up as Tacx Flow 11892 again. I went back to the programme I had been trying to run and hey presto the virtual rider was working properly. I had read warnings about the firmware update for Tacx but because it didn’t show on the first calibration I didn’t think it was needed. So, bottom line make sure the trainer software is totally up to date!! Good luck!!