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I have been using Zwift for about five months, using Garmin ANT+ cadence and speed sensors on a 'classic TACX blue Motion trainer.

On Friday evening I took part in my second ever race and two miles from the finish I lost connection. I can no longer connect the sensors - have got new batteries in both sensors on the bike, powered down the PC, have checked all connections between the ANT+ USB and the lead is a good quality one. I have not moved the ANT + USB away from the bike, it is where it has always been directly under the bike…


In other words nothing has changed at from the set up that has worked for 5 months ???

So for now I ma left completely lost and can not use Zwift…


Any help would appreciated.


Thanks Colin Tirel

Hi Colin,

We’ll need to turn this into a ticket for further help but, in the meantime, please try uninstalling Zwift and then re-installing it.

Thanks for the fast feedback, will try this later and reply…

Well I have now tried to uninstall and now reinstall Zwift on two separate PC’s and checked all the settings but I still can not get the system to work ???

Has anyone heard of a Garmin ANT+ being faulty ? Bearing in mind that it failed in the middle of a ride…

Frustrated !!!


Colin Tirel

Are you sure your ANT+ dongle is still working? You say it is still directly under the bike. I destroyed a couple of ANT+ dongle because my sweat was getting into them. I had to buy new ANT+ dongles and now I keep the dongle under the bike in a plastic bag protected from my sweat.

Hope that helps.