Zwift loses and won't repair with ANT+ Sensors

(Scott Patterson) #1

I was just doing a ride, planned for 1.5 hours…about 40 minutes in I had to get off the bike for ~10-15 min…when I came back my sensors (PM, cadence, HRM) had all unpaired and I couldn’t get them to repair.  Tried unplugging and replugging the ANT+ dongles, made sure the sensors were all awake and able to be found, but…nothing.  KInd of frustrating.

(Gavin Robinson) #2

Which dongle do you have 

(Catalin Onel ZZRC (C)) #3

hi, same problem here. I have a suunto movestick

(Seb Barrett (U19) AUS) #4

are you guys on windows by any chance?  about 7 of us over here ( are having same issues.

(Laurens van Jaarsveld [HIK]) #5

Same. Garmin ANT+ USB2 dongle. After a ton of tries it eventually did found my hr monitor. Speed/cadance is impossible to connect.

(Jamie Shardlow) #6

Suunto ANT+ USB dongle. Took loads of restarts etc for Zwift to pick it up properly.

(Scott Patterson) #7

I’m using the suunto movestick mini with Windows 8.1.  Never had this problem before.  Just started in the last couple days with the new update.

(Yiannis Zampelis) #8

Exactly the same problem with Scott. Upon Win update, nothing works…

Setup is Suunto movestick, Garmin GSC-10 and Windows laptop.

(Miguel Feuermann) #9

Updated to latest swift version and my kickr is not recognized. It was before. I use a garmin ant+ and USB dangle. It is working as I tested it with trainerroad and wahoo. Any comments?

(Camilo McAllister) #10

No ANT+ connection at all. Tried with both the Wahoo BLUE SC SPEED AND CADENCE SENSOR and the Garmin GSC-10… But no luck… Just downloaded the Software for the first time yesterday and was very eager to use.

(Gavin Robinson) #11

Can Zwift confirm if they are looking into the issue 

(Dave Lambert) #12

I will have add that I’m having this same problem as well.  In fact, my sensors (speed & cadence) Wahoo Blue SC Speed is not picking up at all even at initial log in with my Suunto Movestick.  First started not working this Thursday 5.14.

(Jon Ehret) #13

I opened up a trouble ticket when this first started occuring Thursday.  Support indicated that they are aware of the issue a lot of people are having and are hoping an updated coming this week will resolve it.  Mine worked flawlessly till the update Thursday.  I got it to recognize my HR strap once…but no luck at all with the speed/cadence.

(Jim Purtell, KoS) #14

As a suggestion, could Zwift please leave an option to restart a previous ride if someone jumps back on the bike.  A reasonable time frame like 30 minutes or an hour so people aren’t taking advantage of different days in an attempt to gain long distance jerseys.  I too lost sync today and couldn’t find a way to get it back.  The only way was to end my ride and reboot.  But, then I had to start all over again.  And with attempting to ride 100 miles, it was very discouraging.  Thank you!

(Douglas Buerger) #15

Today was my first Zwift attempt in a while and received the upgrade today. I am using a Garmin USB2 ANT+ stick with a Garmin Heart rate monitor and GSC-10.  The previous version of Zwift connected to both the heart rate monitor ant my GSC-10.  However, Zwift failed to connect to the GSC-10 following the upgrade but connect to the heart rate monitor.  I tried a reboot of my computer and multiple restarts of the program with no success. I posted my issue here so hopefully someone from Zwift sees it.  I am also very discouraged as I look forward to my Zwift trainer sessions.

(Rob Millington) #16

Just adding to the various mentions of this bug. Latest macbook pro, suunto stick and GSC-10. Garmin HR is coming through fine but Zwift won’t find the speed… Dang!

(Christian Horner) #17

Same here.  Just bought the Suunto Movestick Mini to go with my GSC 10 and am disappointed this won’t pair!  Yikes!

(Jari Bartsch) #18

Another - Suunto Movestick Mini on an iMac 27" (mid 2010).

Takes several restarts to pick up Cadence/Speed; HR pairs more easily, but sometimes not. Once it picks up sensors, it works fine for entire ride.

I’m also using a 6.5’ USB extension cable to move Ant+ dongle closer to bikes sensors.  


(sean sloan) #19

Im losing faith in becoming a paying customer when the zwift twitter keeps plugging all these rides and “come try it”,when it has been broken for over a week now.Why not just back date to the update that did work and throw the current junk one away?

(Bjarne Strand-Henriksen) #20

My Suunto Dual Band heartrate monitor will not Connect With Zift. Dosent Zwift support Suunto?