Wahoo Kickr not controlling resistance

I have recently purchased a Wahoo Kickr but am struggling to get it working with sim mode and variable resistance with the climbs.

My setup is

Wahoo Kickr

Quarq Power Meter

It worked briefly and I would get some resistance on the climbs and on the flat I could spin up on 53 x 11 and only get to 80w. So very unrealistic.

Im not sure how to get them into sim mode, the only way is to launch the wahoo app and start a work out then tab across to the sim workout mode? is this the correct way? but doesnt seem to fix the problem. Any help would be appreciated. 

I have the same problem!

Would you mind sharing what model of usb ANT dongle you have?  

Suunto Mini Move Stick

I have Garmin USB

yip same problem too…

check out the latest comments on this thread…



i think we can agree there is a problem Zwift Support…

Having the same problem with my kicker, as well my Garmin HR monitor is not connecting. It shows up on my Edge 500. Using a Suunto Movestick.

Same thing on my Kickr. Suunto mini stick Ant dongle on an extension cable under my kick. No resistance at all. Also wouldn’t show cadence or speed.

I also have the issue taking a few goes to get every thing to connect. This never used to be the case either. 

help desk says it is not their software but user set up error - wait for 2-3 weeks before addressing this.  FFS.

I’m having the same issue, Zwift not controlling resistance at all but the speed and on screen rider slow down when going up hills… Also cant find my Garmin HR strap, does find my Cadence sensor but its a giant one not Garmin. Stages doesn’t connect either but thats minor… Back to Bkool I guess

Bkool - i might give it a try - thanks.  not much point waiting around here…

All my sensors connected fine for weeks. Yes the wahoo is new for me but everything used to connect fine. More than a user issue. 

Everyone here has the suunto ant+ ? Be interesting if another usb ant+ could be tried 

Yeah same here. Just at the end of this week it played up. I’m going to do another setup through the Wahoo utiliy as the firmware updated this week as well

Yup Suunto ant +

Looking through other recent threads they all seem to be suunto related. I can’t get another usb ant dongle unless I buy a garmin. Rather a fix from zwift came first. 

I’m using a Garmin Ant stick not Suunto