0 mph?

Cadence shows as moving 79 rpm, speed sensor is connected but shows 0 MPH, any ideas??

Tell us a little more about your setup. Zwift game running on? BT or ANT+? Smart or dumb trainer?
First thing to do is make sure your trainer or speed sensor is not connected to another device, like a head unit. Bluetooth from your trainer can only connect to one device at a time 1:1. ANT+ is better and is 1:many.
As an aside, rpm or cadence does not move the avatar. Only watts or power will move your avatar.

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ANT+ been working all week now avatar wont move

Help us to help you: https://forums.zwift.com/t/guide-to-getting-useful-support

not moving???

Please tell us more about your set up.

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ANT+ wahoo on a blackburn trainer

RPM registering but speed sensor shows as 0

Disconnect the cadence sensor and just try the speed sensor alone.

Still would like a lot more info.

ok, nope, still 0, not moving

Can you please give us a COMPLETE rundown of your setup.

are cadence and speed sensor both running off blue tooth?

Wahoo, blue tooth, ANT+, Blackburn Mag 1

Glen, let me try to help get a little clarity around this:

Your picture shows a Samsung tv screen but what is attached to the TV?
Your communication devices are ANT+, both at the sensor and the device running Zwift?
You have a Blackburn MAG-1 dumb trainer with a Wahoo cadence sensor on your crank and a Wahoo Speed Sensor attached to your rear hub?
Your speed sensor does not seem to be connecting with Zwift even though your screen says connected.

If you click on the Speed sensor box does your speed sensor come up as an option? The reason I ask is because I see Mag-1 in the box and that appears to be your trainer and not your sensor?
Do you have anything else, or another app, connected to your sensors by chance?

when I click on the speed sensor box, it asks me to select my tire size, but it does say connected. No other devices running

its been working for over a year, just today i cant move my avatar. Actually just this afternnon as i rode Innsbruk this morning with no issues

I see a yellow ‘warning’ triangle over the Bluetooth icon. No idea what this means, but warnings generally are not good.

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both show as connected