Avatar stuck at road side

Hi, I am new to zwift but I have a cadence sensor from Halfords and a TTO2 fluid lifeline turbo trainer. I can sign into zwift fine and it lets me choose what I want to connect to such as the Bluetooth and it connects fine, but when I go out into a chosen course, my avatar doesn’t move at all. Just stays at the side of the track.
I am using zwift on Android too.
Hopefully I can get some guidance on how to resolve my issue. Thanks.

To move your avatar within Zwift you need at least a speed sensor.

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Hi Nathan, Paul is correct, in order for Zwift to calculate speed it need to see the rear wheel move on your trainer. Most if not all cadence sensors can be configured as a speed sensor and you’ll need to mount it on your rear wheel, usually the hub. You actually don’t need a cadence sensor unless you want to use ERG mode in a training ride or just for information during any ride. So, you may able to just reconfigure your cadence sensor to speed, mount it on the rear hub, and see if your Avatar will ride along.

Cheers appreciate the help.

Hi, I’m new to Zwift and I’m experiencing the same issue. I have a paid account and each of my blue tooth devices , three in all, all show that they are operating and connected to Zwift. When I start peddling, only the HR and cadence indicate show any sign of life. I’m still sat at the side of the road. Frustrating. I’ve disconnected all three sensors and reconnected them back up. All three show that they are connected to Zwift on my iPad screen.

When you are on the connection screen, have you tried pedaling your bike to see if any power is being transmitted to Zwift? The power value is what will make your avatar move. Also, what is your set up?

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Hi John,
I’d try your setup without the HRM. I’m not sure but maybe the HRM is taking the bluetooth connection that the Speed Sensor needs. If you find this works then you could retry the HRM.
Not sure that will solve the issue though, but I hope so.

Thanks Troy! I’ll give that a go tomorrow. Frustration sort of killed off today’s enthusiasm :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I did try that Nigel, but nothing happened. I’m on a cheap indoor trainer with XOSS sensors and HRM (which are utterly faultless outside despite being low end). I’ll give Troy’s advice a go tomorrow and see how I get on. Thanks for responding!

In that case, be sure you have selected the correct trainer on the set up screen (which, in your case, sounds like it might be ‘Not Listed’, or whatever that option is) as Zwift will need to know that it is then looking for the speed sensor to estimate power from your trainer.

Thanks Nigel! That’s very much appreciated!