Zwift avatar not moving when i ride


(Myles White) #1

this is my first time on zwift, i’m on the 7 day free trial(1st day), i have a normal fluid trainer(not a smart trainer) and it can’t be selected on the trainer menu when i pair up my wahoo speed(and cadence) sensor because it is a small brand. my sensors are paired to my laptop and zwift but when i pedal on my bike my avatar doesn’t move. i’ve seen other people with this issue but they have a smart trainer or some of the stats show up(speed/distance) while none of the stats are showing that they are moving for me, just stuck at zero. any serious help/suggestions please.

EDIT: sometimes the cadence sensor works and it is just my rpm going without moving but once it did work but the second i stop pedaling it stop now it is still the same no signal for both of them.

(Myles White) #2

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(Wes) #3

From the screenshot it looks like you’re using Bluetooth to connect. Make sure no other device is connecting to your sensors (like a phone). Only one device can send/receive to BLE sensors (unlike ANT+ which can broadcast to multiple devices at once).