Avatar won't move but RPM is showing


I have a LifeLine 001 turbo trainer and Wahoo Blue Sc sensor that I’m using to set up Zwift. My Wahoo app senses the sensor and has updated the firmware.

My drama is I can see the RPMs on the pairing screen but my avatar will not move. I have unlinked the sensor from the Wahoo app to see if it helps and have reinstalled Zwift as suggested but I cannot make the avatar move. Again my RPM are showing.

I’d appreciate any help as I’m keen to get cracking.

I’ve previously used my Zwift on a watt bike in the gym and had to start a just ride on that to get the avatar to move. Is this also an issue when using a sensor and turbo trainer?

In order for your avatar to move within Zwift you need to connect a speed sensor.

I am guessing when you are referencing RPM you mean cadence.

Hi Paul, thanks for your reply. I did mean cadence. I have a Wahoo Blue SC one which is compatible with Zwift.

You need to broadcast speed or power to get your avatar to move within Zwift.

I think this will be helpful.


Hi Gerrie,

Thanks for your reply. I’ve followed the steps but I still have the same outcome. My cadence is visible but no power reading and the avatar is stationary.

Hi Paul,

This seems to be my issue. I am broadcasting the cadence but the power isn’t showing, hence the avatar isn’t moving.

Hi guys, thanks for your suggestions and feedback. It was down to the distance of the sensors to the magnets. I found out on a forum that the optimum distance is no less than 4mm.

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