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(Nick) #1

I am a new first timer, set everything up using a PowerTap sensor from Saris that came with Cycle Ops trainer, started peddling and my guy does not move. Everything else seems to work. any suggestions

(Aaron) #2

What platform are you using: pc, mac, ios, android or apple tv? What is your trainer? How did you pair the trainer to zwift?

Have you looked through the user guide at Zwift Support?

(Nick) #3

Aaron I am using a mac with a CycleOps Trainer it came with a PowerTap cadence / speed sensor

(Aaron) #4

It’s a classic trainer without a power meter?

In the pairing screen, when you click on the speed sensor tile, does your speed sensor pop up in the pairing window?

(Nick) #5

Yes it does, I can see the rpm rise and fall, only issue the rider does not move, I have tried it on both my phone and my computer. Same issue

(Nick) #6

Aaron yes classic trainer now power meter

(Aaron) #7

Have you been able to pair your speed sensor to Zwift?

If it has previously been paired to Rouvy or any other utilities or fitness apps, make sure those apps are force-stopped on the mac in order to free up the bluetooth from the speed sensor for pairing. If it is paired directly to the mac, unpair it so that Zwift will be able to see it and pair it.

(Nick) #8

Yes It is paired with Zwift and only Zwift

(Aaron) #9

Make sure not to include personal info in your replies.

After your speed sensor has paired, are you able to confirm that Zwift is receiving data from it? If you start pedaling you should see the speed updating in the pairing window.

After the speed sensor has paired, are you able to select you trainer?


In order to use estimated power, you need to have an ANT+ speed sensor and one of our supported classic trainers.

  1. Verify that your speed sensor is on by spinning the wheel it measures.

  2. Select the “Search” button under the Speed Sensor + Classic Trainer category.

  3. Your speed sensor should appear on the pop-up menu. Select it.

  4. Select your supported classic trainer from the next window that appears.

See this article for additional info.

(Nick) #10

Yes Zwift is receiving data as soon as I start to peddle I see the speed change Yes I was able to select the trainer and the ride still does not move

(Aaron) #11

So is your guy just sitting on his bike on the side of the road?

Did you complete your profile including height and weight when you set up your account?

Can you confirm that the speed sensor is still paired? Hit the escape button to bring up the pause menu. Select the bluetooth icon on the right side of the window. Work through the process of pairing speed sensor and selecting trainer again to make sure nothing got dropped.

(Nick) #12

Yes he just sits on the side of the road Yes the sensor is still paired, I worked from the beginning restarted everything and still the same he sits on the side of the road

(Nick) #13

And Yes Aaron I filled out all the forms and membership items

(Nick) #14

So I noticed the Speed sensor shows 0 and the cadence indicator is where I see the speed change but that is how I set up the PowerTap sensor

(Aaron) #15

Are you using the powertap 30319? Is it possible that the speed function has been disabled in its utility app?

Are you able to confirm that it is reading speed data in any other apps?

Edit to add: From the Cycleops Q&A for that sensor regarding reading cadence but not speed:

With old style dual sensors there was a switch just inside the battery area. Open up the battery area as if you were changing the battery and look for a switch. There should be a small switch to change from cadence to speed sensor. Hopefully the new sensors have the switch in the same area. Hope this helps. Cheers, Justin Sent from my iPhone

(Nick) #16

Hi Aaron, So I have tried everything you suggested, new battery in the sensor, uninstalled and re-installed, re calibrated and so on. Still my rider will not move. Not sure what to do here to make it work

Thanks Nick

(Aaron) #17

Man, that stinks.

You didn’t say which model sensor you are using, or whether you can see the speed value changing as you pedal in the pairing screen, or whether the speed sensor works with any other fitness apps like Strava or Rouvy.

If you’re using the 30455,, it looks like it works as either a speed OR cadence sensor, and it needs to be set up specifically to read speed in order to work with Zwift. You’ll need to look at Powertap’s user manual to do that. And you will then need to make sure that it pairs as a speed sensor rather than as a cadence sensor.

If you’re using the 30319,, then I think you’re going to need to open a support ticket by emailing With the exception of confirming that the magnet on your spoke and the sensor arm are positioned correctly, I will have exhausted all of my troubleshooting ideas. Zwift Support will be able to give you better support than what I can through the forum.

(Nick) #18

Aaron, you’re awesome, I have the 30455 sensor and recalibrating from cadence to the speed setting worked.

Many thanks, I am off for a ride.
Have a great weekend

(Aaron) #19

I’m glad you got it to work. Ride on!