First time can't get avatar to move

I’m all set up using a dumb trainer with a speed and cadence sensor, Both are paired and I am pedaling but my avatar just sits there while riders speed by me. Help!

Are you on a trial? If so what device?

If you are on an iOS device you only get about 15.5 miles.

It is my FIRST time using it.

Did you select the correct trainer?
Can you post a pic of your pairing screen on Zwift.

It started working after I switched which trainer it was. The first few times I tried it did not give me the option choosing the trainer. That should be on your trouble shooting page

Glad you were able to Zwift Ann! In case you ever need a refresher on how to get back out there, we have a handy Getting Started guide to help you:

I have the same problem. Will Braat. Speed and cadence are paired but 0 watts and avatar not moving. I use Cycle Ops Fluid 2 trainer (dumb trainer) and ant+ dongle.

My subscription should be up to date.

Sometimes overlooked, have you changed batteries recently.

thanks for your response Gerrie. No I have not updated battery lately, but I am wondering why it would pair if no power.

If the battery is low it might pair but not broadcast speed. Try some fresh batteries. Also have the sensor moved so that it is to far from the magnet.

I tried repacing the battery and repairing. No luck. I am using the Garmin GSC 10 with spoke magnet.

Are you using an Iphone or I pad.

Is the Sensor Bluetooth?

If yes, UN select the sensor in the paring screen, and select the trainer while peddling. Some times the sensor go to sleep.

got it to work by moving speed magnet a little. I unselected pairing many times. Thanks for your help.

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Glad you got it working. Have fun and Ride On