First time can't get avatar to move

(Ann Naumann) #1

I’m all set up using a dumb trainer with a speed and cadence sensor, Both are paired and I am pedaling but my avatar just sits there while riders speed by me. Help!

(Paul Allen) #2

Are you on a trial? If so what device?

If you are on an iOS device you only get about 15.5 miles.

(Ann Naumann) #3

It is my FIRST time using it.

(Paul Allen) #4

Did you select the correct trainer?
Can you post a pic of your pairing screen on Zwift.

(Ann Naumann) #5

It started working after I switched which trainer it was. The first few times I tried it did not give me the option choosing the trainer. That should be on your trouble shooting page

(Vincent W.) #6

Glad you were able to Zwift Ann! In case you ever need a refresher on how to get back out there, we have a handy Getting Started guide to help you: