My Avatar Not Moving

I m new member. My sensors working after pairing. Checking many time working on settings. But my moving screen empty also ii seeing other memmber. But my avatar not moving. I m many time delete app after again set. Again same issiue. I hate this issue. Also not find solve on internet.

What is your set up?

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Set means again download pair.!

Screen here: Screenshot_20200112-093416|690x335

It looks like you are pairing your Cyclops Magneto for speed. As this is a classic trainer that should be set up to zPower, try pairing your speed sensor to it instead and see if that helps. I also notice that cadence is a speed-cadence sensor. If it can only pair as one or the other, prioritize speed, as it’s required to move in zwift, and cadence isn’t.

I m using garmin speed-cadence (integreted) sensor.
Also i m using cycleops magneto. But this trainer has not sensor. This is only trainer. I m tried only speed or only cadence or not listed trainer or roller Again same. I m not make not choice trainer. Also I never chose zpower

Without sensor this:

With sensor and trainer this:

Sensor is working:

Sensor screen:

After trainer must be:

Please look at the warninng.

I still have a problem. Please help.