Samsung 8+ - Avatar not moving

(Brian) #1

Hello, I just signed up for Zwift and can get my speed/cadence sensor paired, even a heart monitor. The trainer I am using is older (travel trac century mag) and have to select trainer not listed. Everything seems to work yet my avatar doesnt move. Am i missing something? Help me get moving

(Lauren) #2

Do your sensors pair using ANT+ signal or Bluetooth? If they’re ANT+ sensors, you won’t be able to pair them to the Android Zwift, as it’s currently only Bluetooth supported.

I’d also like to let you know that when using an unlisted trainer, your readings will not be accurate, and your wattage will be capped at 400w. Just giving you a heads up.

If you’re still having trouble, then I’d encourage you to put in a support ticket. We’d be glad to help you get moving! :slight_smile: