Avatar not in motion [July 11, 2024]

Hi .

So I have started using Zwift again after a year or so … I use the same BT(Garmin) devices as before and both Speed and Candence sensor are connected and it works well with my Mobile phone (just to Test) avatar moves , but when I connect via BT on my laptop the Avatar does not move and does show watt distribution , the Indoor trainer I am utilizing is the Cyclops Fluid 2 trainer , but as mentioned this setup worked seamlessly previously. However when I was using it I was on demo not paid version 25KM . I have now subscribed and weirdly the Avatar does not move .
Please help

Hi @Jason_Stubbs, Welcome to Forums. This is Juan from Zwift. Thanks for using this space to get community support. I understand how essential it is for you to get back on track after a break.

I see you’ve already contacted Zwift support via email. Let’s continue that conversation via email so we can help you resolve this issue. I have connected with the right team to address your concern.

See you there!

Thanks ! will do


Thank you for your assistance, it so happens I got myself an ANT+
transmitter and dropped the BT on the laptop, then reinstalled the
battery (kept it out for 5 minutes) on my Speed sensor and realign my
rear wheel as I was getting a wheel error as well, and now the set up
working perfectly and cannot wait to clock 100KM indoor

Many Thanks
Jason Stubbs