The rider is not moving after İpad OS update to 14.5

Hi all, I have been using Zwift on my iPad with Garmin speed and cadence bundle 2 perfectly fine. After the IOS update to the latest 14.5 version on my iPad, Zwift is not able to read data from the speed and cadence sensors.

Here are the actions taken so far to solve the problem which did not help at all:

  • The sensors are fine with new batteries generating data to my Garmin Forerunner 945
  • I uninstalled the app and installed it again
  • Turned off and on the iPad and other connections
  • Checked on my iPad that app has permission to use BLE
  • Tried with my iPhone instead with which everything worked perfectly and I was able to ride.

What other actions do I need to take to be able to use Zwift on my iPad?

Many thanks

Check to be sure that your sensors are not connected directly to the iPad itself. They should only be connected through the Zwift app.

They are indeed connected through Zwift.

Any other suggestions?

The only other thought I have is wondering if the sensors are paired with something else (like your phone). Bluetooth is a 1-1 connection, so if another device has ‘stolen’ the signal you iPad may not be able to find them.

Many thanks for the reply but no there is no issue of multiple connections I guess this is to do with recent OS update on my iPad.

Hello I have had the same problem recently. It doesn’t matter whether I connect zwift to my Neo 2 or my Kettler s8 treadmill. Either there is no connection or it is interrupted after a few minutes of training. I am using an ipad 2018