Bluetooth connection Issues since update

iPad Pro with Wahoo Speed & CAD sensors and a Wahoo HRM

After the recent update (which I might add on the iPad was forced with a message stating it had to be done) I now have issues with the speed & HRM sensors not connecting at all, I have rebooted devices, changed batteries etc etc and nothing works . . it seems the ‘improvements’ in Bluetooth for the expensive trainers have come at the cost of the less fortunate riders that don’t have them . . is there any updates as to when this will be fixed.

same. HRM connects and will show no BPM. Both cadence and HRM will go no signal in and out. Trainer does it too but less often. Getting a number of issues with power showing connected but it won’t find controllable despite it being the same trainer. Windows shows both cadence and HRM connected.

You should not connect the sensors to windows. Go to bluetooth settings and remove them from windows.

Hi @Peter_Dunkley

Sorry to hear about the BLE pairing issues with your sensors in Zwift. I get how sudden technical issues can be a struggle.

The issues you’re having could be due to the update or it could perhaps be coincidental. It’s hard to say because BLE pairing issues are somewhat commonplace. I generally prefer to try and troubleshoot these issues on a case-by-case basis as much as possible and before concluding that an app update caused a widespread issue.

It looks like you’ve already tried some troubleshooting such as restarting your devices, and replacing batteries, so thanks for letting us know.

I had a look at your account and noticed that in some of your recent Zwift app sessions, you did have the Wahoo Cadence sensor paired to Zwift on the iPad, so that suggests at least one of your sensors is connecting.

The Wahoo Cadence sensor seems to have been paired under both “Cadence” and “Speed Sensor” at the pairing screen, and so I’m hopeful we can get your speed sensor paired instead of just the cadence sensor.

At the Zwift pairing screen, I’d suggest that you press the button to “UNPAIR” where it shows the speed sensor, and then “SEARCH” and see if Zwift will discover the speed sensor specifically. If it’s also a Wahoo device, it should be detected as “Wahoo SPD” or something to that effect. Either way, I know the Wahoo cadence sensor isn’t going to function as a speed sensor, so that will need to be unpaired regardless.

If you’d like some more help with this, I’d also suggest that you contact our support team, and one of our tech support agents will be happy to help. You can reach us here.

I will contact the support as the SPEED or HRM sensors don’t even show in the pairing screens, previously when pairing both the SPEED & CAD would show and the correct one selected within the correct option, but now only the CAD shows in the list, the SPEED showed for a brief moment then disappeared!

Contacting our support is likely for the best, and our team is glad to take a closer look at your account.

With regards to general troubleshooting for this kind of issue, I know that when devices first appear, then disappear/disconnect, this is most commonly indicative of wireless signal interference in your environment, Peter.

We have some general troubleshooting tips for that in this article, and I’d suggest starting there.

If those tips fail to resolve your issue, when you send us an official ticket for further support, our tech support team will need to take a closer look at your specific Zwift setup, and see what else can be done to help.