User name issue resolved, but bluetooth recognition now sketchy

iDevice’s have huge issue with bluetooth connection with Kicker and Polar HRM. I have to spend 15 minutes of workout time trying to get the darn Kicker/HRM “seen” by Zwift. Issues seem to have started after you fixed the username/password issue. What did you break in the fix? Before this, both snapped in right away and I was off riding. 

No changes to bluetooth, but sometimes a reboot of the iOS device from time to time can help reset the BLE chip inside to a fresh state.  This is especially true if you have a 9.7" iPad Pro, but I’m not sure the issue is limited to just that device.

What device are you using?

Hi Jon, thanks for taking the time to respond.

I’m using and iPad Pro 9.7 but also have issue with iPhone 7. I will do a reboot of the iPad and try connection for tomorrow’s ride. The app also no longer see’s the Wahoo cadence bluetooth. Though the iPad connects to the bluetooth devices (when looking at Settings>Bluetooth), but the Zwift app seem’s to have a mind of its own.


The iPad connects to other bluetooth devices just fine, including the Polar Beat app, which I am now using to track HR since Zwift fails to connect. Because of this, I’m not so sure it’s the BLE chip that needs a refresh. Seems like the only bluetooth connection issue is within Zwift and only Zwift.



Bluetooth can only connect to one device/app at a time so if you have it connected to your phone Zwift will not be able to connect to it. You must insure you have disconnect the HRM, Wahoo S/C and any other device from your phone if you want to connect it to Zwift.