Polar H9 HRM not recognised on Zwift iPad / iOS

I have a brand new Polar H9 HRM and I’m trying to connect via Bluetooth to my iPad Air, or iPhone 12 (same issue).

The iPad can see the HRM but Zwift does not give an option to connect to it.

I’ve closed all other apps that could be connecting to the HRM.

I’ve reset the device, reinstalled Zwift etc.,

Interestingly, Zwift connects fine to the HRM on my Win 10 PC. Also, after closing Zwift on the iPad, I get a Bluetooth communications notice from the Zwift app, saying that some bluetooth devices are still connected to Zwift and use power.

I’ve tried everything I can find online to resolve to no avail!

Any known issues here?

Solved. You have to set up the turbo trainer first!