Bluetooth issues with IOS devices

Anyone else having problems with IOS connecting to Zwift in run mode? Working fine to recently and I spotted recently update addressed some issues with this. However, over past few weeks my devices aren’t connecting to my HR belt and footpod in run mode.

Interestingly in Bike mode, it recognises Wahoo Kickr and HR belt but when switch back to Run mode it doesn’t.

Issues on iPhone, iPad abs Apple TV.

I have this same issue. I was using the Zwift app on my iPhone to connect to my Wahoo TICKR and Stryd footpod to record runs outside (holding the phone with Zwift app open while I ran). The last time this worked was 5 May. I tried again on 8 May and couldn’t connect and haven’t been able to connect ever since. The Zwift iOS app simply refuses to recognize the HR monitor or footpod anymore. It just shows the option to pair, and Scotty the squirrel shows up after a while suggesting to wake up devices.

I’ve tried turning Bluetooth off/on on the phone. I tried quitting the Zwift app. I tried deleting the Zwift app and reinstalling from the App Store. None of those worked.

Make sure that IOS software is up to date. On your IOS device. go to Settings then Bluetooth and make sure that Bluetooth is on. If you can’t turn on Bluetooth or you see a spinning gear , restart your IOS device. Unpair the Bluetooth accessory and put it back in discovery mode, then try to pair it again.

My issue is SOLVED. The underlying issue was that my Stryd footpad was low on battery and was not pairing because the Stryd app essentially disabled it due to low battery. The reason I didn’t think the footpod itself was an issue is because one of the first things I did was to verify that my Garmin Forerunner watch was still capturing cadence from the footpod. Given that, I had not considered that there would be an issue with the footpod. (I also would have expected different feedback from the Zwift iOS app when the footpod was unpaired but I guess it couldn’t have done any. more than it did which was to tell me to try to wake up my device(s) and pair something.)

And, it wasn’t that my heart rate monitor wasn’t pairing – it’s just that the Zwift iOS app doesn’t even present an option to pair the HRM until you’ve first paired the run sensor.

After charging my footpod and pairing it via the Stryd iOS app, I was able to pair it in the Zwift iOS app without issue. And once that was paired, I was given the option to pair the HRM as well.