Bluetooth issues with Apple devices and Zwift RunPod (more than usual!)

Is anyone else noticing more problems than usual with Bluetooth connectivity at the moment? I’ve been happily using Zwift for a few months with the occasional issues, but there’s been a lot of updates lately (Zwift, ZCA, iOS, watchOS and tvOS) and I think one of them or a combination of them has made things a whole lot worse. My main issue is that although I can get my watch connected, but no HR data shows on the watch app or comes through to Zwift (I can sometimes get lucky after several reboots of all devices though). My Zwift RunPod is reporting inconsistent speed (even when running at a set speed and after a new battery and recalibrating) and dropping out regularly too.

Here’s my setup:

Apple TV 4K running tvOS 14.0 and Zwift 1.0.56270
Apple Watch 4 running iOS 14.0.1
iPhone XR running iOS 14.0.1 and ZCA 3.18.0
(I always have my AirPod Pros connected to my iPhone too)

I know about the bluetooth device limit, and I use ZCA to handle the multiple connections to Zwift. I also have everything in close range and I’m not aware of anything else that could be interfering with the signal.

I used to always reboot my watch and Apple TV before using Zwift every time, but that little ritual doesn’t work any more.

Can anyone help me please? Maybe someone out there has a different ritual for better success?

I think bluetooth management is one of the things Zwift needs to work on the most. I have relatively the same setup but i found NOT using the native bluetooth and using the companion app runs the best.

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I agree, I’d currently put Bluetooth device support/stability above everything else. I’ve been a huge fan of Zwift for a long time now, but I’m finding the fight to just get the basic things working more and more frustrating - I’ll be leaving Zwift if I don’t have more luck soon or the problems are acknowledged and worked on.

I’ve spent a fortune on all my Apple devices as I initially thought they would be widely used and supported. I’m trying not to give in to buying a Stryd and an HR strap just because they seem to work better for other people. What happens if another update in the future makes those devices unstable too?

Strangely, I’ve found that switching off Bluetooth management via ZCA and connecting my watch and RunPod directly to the AppleTV has been more successful since the recent updates. The opposite of what I found when I had Bluetooth issues when I first started on Zwift a few months ago.

I’ve been having this problem since the last Apple and Zwift updates. Strangely, I’ve also noticed my speed data (from a RunPod) being erratic and inaccurate since the updates too. I thought I might just have double bad luck, but I’m starting to wonder if it’s all related somehow now.

Today it was showing my speed at around 10kph, but when I switched over to the paired devices view it showed 11kph (via RunPod) which was perfectly in sync with my treadmill speed. The interesting thing is that looking at the Bluetooth devices managed through ZCA, it appears that “Apple Watch Run Speed” is connected? I wonder if there’s some kind of conflict in data sources which results in the “No Signal” issue?

I used to be a happy Zwifter with little issues before the most recent updates. I hope this problem gets recognised and fixed. I’m pretty sure it’s not me and my devices… the timing of the problems is a little suspicious! :slight_smile:

Today I decided to not use Zwift any more because of this problem. I’m spending far too much time trying to get my Apple Watch to work each time. It’s a real shame, I’ve been a big fan of Zwift until this problem appeared. I also haven’t had a reply from Zwift Support about it.

I hope that someone from Zwift Support is aware of this problem, it would be nice to know that this problem is at least acknowledged, and then I’ll return when there’s a fix. Please give Zwift staff Apple devices to test releases on!

Zwift should update all references to Apple Watch being in Beta to “no longer compatible with Zwift”.

In the meantime, I look forward to using Apple Fitness+ soon!