Apple Watch not connecting since latest update [February 2024] [1.58]

It worked fine until the latest update. Yesterday, the companion app on the watch showed in game status and the heart rate registered, but it would not connect to the zwift app itself.

Today, the companion app on my phone has an exclamation mark on the watch under the bluetooth connections icon. The watch companion app shows nothing but the unpaired message.

Have exact problem after new release!


Apple Watch hasn’t been supported by Zwift for.some time. It may work for you, or it may not, but I’m afraid that you’re on your own until Zwift brings back official support for it.


In the Zwift 1.39 update the heart rate pairing function was announced. What do you mean they haven’t supported Apple watch for awhile? How long is awhile and when was the watch supported?

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Same problem here, super annoying


Exactly same issue with my Apple Watch this morning. Worked fine on yesterday’s workout before the update, broken this morning after the update
I rebooted everything, uninstalled and reinstalled the Companion App, you see the watch report either “Pairing” or “In Game” for a minute, and then it drops. The lack of heart rate reporting within the Companion App literally translates into the Apple Watch not realizing the active calories you’ve spent on an hour or more workout.

Very frustrating to say the least.


@Steve_Hammatt - your source information is dated. Check out the December 2023 Zwift Newsroom, where they state:
" >> Apple Watch Becomes a Heart Rate Monitor <<
Coming this Winter
The best heart rate monitor is the one you’re already wearing, so we’re adding Apple Watch heart rate compatibility to Zwift, making life easier for any Zwifter who already owns an Apple Watch. Pair Watch in the Zwift Companion app, as with any other heart rate monitor, and track your heart rate on-screen as you ride and run."


We’re both right. The trouble is, the item you quote hasn’t come to fruition yet.

Zwift did indeed announce that Apple Watch support was coming “this winter” (i.e. winter 2023/24), but it’s still winter and it hasn’t appeared yet. Hopefully it’s coming soon, but right now nothing has changed support-wise from the link I quoted withdrawing support.

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I wonder if the recent increased reports of breakage are in some way related to development of the new Apple Watch pairing experience… changes preparing for the new feature release? Pure speculation on my part but it wouldn’t be a shock.

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Really sorry if this is an obvious thing but why does the watch appear in the bluetooth devices menu in the companion app? Also, it is a good or bad sign that the exclamation mark of doom is also there?

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Same here after the update. Apple Watch refuses to pair now at all. It will say “Pairing” or “In Game” but won’t actually pair. I spent 35m this morning sitting on my trainer messing with it, trying everything in this thread and everything mentioned other places. Even Reset the watch several times, reset the app several times, reset my Apple TV several times. Nada. Very disappointed to say the least.


I don’t know for sure, but I would guess that Zwift is still seeing it as the Bluetooth device that it is, though seeing it there doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a supported option.

Zwift’s communication on this has been less than ideal, with the announcement of support coming in “winter” but nothing more since.

I’m afraid that all you Apple Watch users need to be patient and just wait for more news from Zwift when they deliver the new functionality.

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It’s. Not. Supported. (Yet.)

They sent a email out I think saying Apple Watch will be working in the winter update

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@Bob_Jones1 here the zwiftinsider article (What’s Coming Next? Read “This Season On Zwift” Winter Press Release | Zwift Insider)

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I’m kinda shocked so many folks actually had the apple watch working to begin with. Mine was disconnecting so much that I gave up and bought a chest strap long ago. It’s good to hear they had Apple Watch support on the winter schedule, but they haven’t released it yet, hopefully it comes out soon, but with the restructuring a bunch of plans are possibly up in the air unfortunately.


With some workarounds, for me, the watch worked. But with the last update yesterday, it is completely not usable anymore.

Crazy thing, my watch shows „In Game“ and and a heart rate but the Zwift app shows „no signal“.

What happened? Please fix it! I don’t want to change my setup all the time?!

Update: The Bug appears only with companion. I changed to phone only and the native Zwift app and the watch is working.

Comment on external chest heart sensors. I’m not using them due to the incompatibility with the transfer of all data to health.


I have the exact same issue and My Apple Watch is not pairing as well, is there any way to downgrade this upgrade at all ? It was working as of Feb 13,2024 since that’s when I have recorded the workout with Apple Watching recording HR.


Same, I haven’t had any issues previously using Apple Watch for HR. Yesterday nothing I did worked, Apple TV, iPad, Mac book couldn’t connect watch properly.

Sometimes it would come up with no signal then disappear again. I could only get it to work on my phone which my watch was paired to.

Updates aren’t meant to make things worse :sweat_smile: