Apple Watch not connecting since latest update [February 2024] [1.58]

Same issue happening on my Apple Watch Ultra. It paired pretty well for months, but Zwift has been unusable with my watch for a couple of days now. Pretty disappointed this bug hasn’t been resolved by the team.

Having a no fuss connection between Apple Watches and Zwift would be a game changer.


Well, good to know it works with the phone app at least. How hard can it be to jump the signal over to the computer ffs???

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Had a frustrating experience tonight trying to get my apple watch heart rate paired to zwift on my laptop for like 45 minutes, now find myself on this forum to discover the latest zwift update busted it.
I could get it going 100% of the time until today - sometimes it took 5-10 mins, but at least it worked.
Today it was 45 minutes with no success and I missed my workout.


Glad to know it’s not just me. But really frustrating. Any work arounds

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I have found no work arounds as of yet. The only option I had this morning was to simply use the watch’s native Indoor Cycling workout. At least I get the HR data and recorded active calories to the watch. If you want to integrate these data with your Zwift rides you’ll need to offload everything from your iPhone using a utility like RunGap. I’m not certain if RunGap can push these data back into Zwift, as that may require a RunGap subscription.

Has anyone tested it using the Heartcast or Echo app since this update? Last time I used the watch as HRM with Heartcast it worked flawlessly but I haven’t tested since the update since I don’t usually use the watch. The app will turn the watch into a normal HRM with no Apple funny business involved in pairing.


My wife and I also no longer can get our Apple Watch to work with zwift

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Add me to list of no longer being able to pair my Apple Watch for heart rate monitoring and data collection.

Was finicky at best prior to this update but would connect and capture HR data. Now with this update, completely not working.

Same as others - does show was trying to connect, or connected, but then says signal lost, or no connection and there is no data with the ride.

I will wait this out for an update… but won’t wait long - wonder if ROUVY works?

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It would be helpful if Zwift could respond to the large numbers of Apple Watch users who have had their setup broken and now have to look for an alternative option. In my opinion not having compatibility with a hugely popular fitness accessory doesn’t make great business sense.


They already responded when quite some time back they discontinued support for Apple Watch, and although recently they announced support would be coming back this “winter”, it hasn’t arrived yet so you’ll need to wait.

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Well, how come it worked perfectly fine until the recent update? So no, we do not have to wait for something to come back this “winter”, they just need to fix what they broke 2 days ago.


I reached out to report it as a bug, their response was

“As of this time, we currently don’t support Apple Watches as a heart rate monitor. Even though it may have worked in the past for you, we don’t offer support or we don’t consider it as a supported device.”

They did mention they are aware of the issue and the reports on the forum, then reiterated and linked the article of support to Apple Watch coming this winter.

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When a certain setup isn’t supported, then the software developer isn’t going to be testing against that setup when changes are made. So that means there’s a chance that this unsupported setup functionality gets broken by accident because no-one will be testing against that setup.

It’s unfortunate but it’s the nature of software development.

It would be like if, say, Zwift was working fine on Chromebooks but (and I’m making this up to try and make a point) broke in the most recent update. Chromebooks aren’t supported by Zwift, so while there might be quite a few upset Chromebook users after such an occurrence, they’d simply have to accept it and find an alternative.

Apple Watch users are at least in the situation that it’s a “when” and not “if” Apple Watch support is coming back.

Chromebooks were never supported. Apple Watch was, and most people using it were never informed otherwise.

I did the update and now my Apple Watch won’t pair with Zwift. This is so frustrating! Please fix this!!! It was working fine before.


Disappointed. Get it together. Want to turn things around? Stop making simple things difficult for users.


I used the zwift app (orange icon) on my iPhone / apple watch and it synced instantly, no hassle.
This is the work-around I’m going with for now. Still a little pissed about moving from my laptop to my tiny phone. Looking forward to when @zwift gets it fixed on PC. Thanks


Just tried this on my iPhone instead of iPad with companion and it works ! I can still mirror to my Apple TV - Excellent thanks - I did try the heart cast app thing but the companion app kept firing up and getting in the way on the watch

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Saved me from despair @John_T4

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Well, I’m open to giving ROUVY a try and see if they lock out the Watch for heart rate.

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