IWatch connection issue Again

Starting this month, the iWatch pairing has become unusable. IWatch had a software update at end of March and at first in April, everything seemed to work fine. Starting mid month, I can’t reliably pair, get a heart rate in game, or go thru an entire ride without it dropping multiple times. Following the the suggestion in this chain, I even tried Hearcast which worked really well back in Feb. Then iWatch seemed to be working again in March so went back to that. Now neither is working, can’t seem to get HeartCast to pair with game.
Anyone else having this problem?

Hi @Maria_Saiz, Welcome to Zwift Forums!
My name is Fernanda, I’m part of the support specialist team at Zwift.

I’m sorry you are having pairing issues with the iWatch, I must let you know that since version 1.60.0 we improved the Apple Watch connectivity.

However, if you still having issues pairing the Apple Watch, it can be related to the process of the connection, I would kindly suggest that you reset the game preferences, by following these easy steps and repairing the iWatch as a Heart rate once more.

If the issue still persists, you can also contact us via Support.Zwift.com and we will be glad to assist you!