Apple Watch not pairing

I’ve got an Apple Watch 6 but can’t get it to pair with Zwift at all. I’ve followed all the troubleshooting suggestions I can find - all the permissions are on in Health & I have the apps on my watch & open when trying to pair. The Apple Watch never appears on the Zwift platform “paired devices” screen to even select.
Has anyone else had this issue? Any suggestions appreciated.

Hi Mel, do you have the Companion app on your watch? Zwift pulled it from the app store because it was so poorly implemented. If you downloaded the app before that point, there are numerous suggestions in Apple Watch Unpaired Bug - #80 by Paul_Beard1. I use HeartCast before triggering the Companion app and it works reliably. In any case, please cast your vote at the top of that thread to request Zwift add proper AW support!