Game Update 1.60 [March 2024]

Hello Zwifters!

Phased rollout of Zwift game version 1.60 begins today for Windows / macOS / Android.
Phased rollout for iOS and tvOS will begin tomorrow.

  • Ride On Bombs have a new visual effect. To send a Ride On Bomb, you can press and hold the Z-button on the Zwift Play controllers, or in the Zwift Companion map view, you can tap the white circle surrounding your orange arrow icon on the map. See this thread for details.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Coffee Stop to be unavailable in some activities.
  • The Ride Streak screen now automatically closes itself after a period of time. If you’d like to keep the screen open longer, touch or click anywhere to cancel the timer.
  • Fixed an issue where routes with minimum level requirements were not correctly locked in the Route selection screen.
  • Fixed an issue that could potentially award The Big Ring route badge after completing a different route.
  • Reverted recent Apple Watch updates to address connectivity issues.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some rocks to flicker in Watopia.


  • Phased rollout to Windows / macOS / Android machines continues.
  • Phased rollout to iOS / tvOS begins.

Phased rollout to all OS platform is complete.

Please let us know below if you have questions or would like to report issues.


I thought there were planned improvements for the black/red squares issue this update? Any news?


Can this duration be a user-defined setting, down to and including zero seconds?


This release does include some internal changes that we hope will reduce the likelihood of red squares issues. Please do share if red squares are observed after updating to 1.60.


Not at this time, but we’re listening to feedback about the Streaks screen and have some additional improvements based off of that feedback that will be available in upcoming releases.


Finally, rider highlighting when receiving a ride-on bomb. I can’t tell you how many people have been waiting so long for this amazing feature.

(Actually I can tell you. It’s zero. Zero people have been asking for this feature. But you keep doing you Zwift).


just stop it turning to night and you’ll be fine!

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I thought there was plans to include support for the Apple watch, which would essentially be detected like a typical heart rate monitor.
Will this be happening?


Not really IMO the red squares do seem wider at night but the black ones still appear in all daylight times as far as I’ve seen…… :man_shrugging:t2:

Came to ask a similar question. I’ve never been able to get Apple Watch to connect reliably, and was under the impression that we were getting full support soon. Is this the first step towards that, or is this as far as its being taken?

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Thanks for the updates @shooj and @evan-zwift :slight_smile:

Any progress on privacy/blocking concerns? There are still people being harassed on the platform. Block User


What about the pixel-bars/graphic card settings on MacBooks after 1.58 update?

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This release reverses the changes made regards to Apple watch support in the last update.

It does not include the full support of the watch which is still in development for release later in the year.


So technically apple watch is still “not supported” :slight_smile:

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That’s correct.

If it works for a user they should count their blessings.

If it doesn’t they should watch this space.

And yet, no mention of fixing the completely useless elevation profile in France always (almost) showing VenTop.

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Or space their watch.


Cross-posting from the other thread for visibility:


What does “full support” mean?

Actually, there are serious connectivity issues which means that the Watch is useless in Zwift, meaning “no support”. If these issues will be fixed there is support for the Watch.

“supported” for me is a kind of black and white with no room for grey or partial support.

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I refer you to what was said in the oriignal post in this thread of November 2021 - Upcoming Changes to Supported Operating Systems [December 2021]