Game Update 1.57 [January 2024]

Hello Zwifters! Phased rollout of Zwift version 1.57 begins today to Windows / macOS / Android devices. Phased rollout to tvOS and iOS devices begins tomorrow.

  • Power values displayed during Workouts are now more stable when using devices that broadcast power readings at 10 Hz with the “3-second power average” setting enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the cycling level shown on the Ride Streaks screen counted up from Level 1 after using “Just Watch” mode.
  • Fixed an issue where a ride’s total distance, elevation, and calories could potentially not be included in the cumulative stats shown in the Ride Streaks screen after using “Just Watch” mode or after joining an event from a free ride.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ride Streak screen could potentially not be dismissed via the Zwift Companion app.
  • Fixed an issue where the Repack Rush Report screen could potentially not be dismissed via the Zwift Companion app.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “Enroll” button to appear when already enrolled in the Fast Track Fitness training plan.
  • Visual improvements to the Repack Rush Report, including improved leaderboard readability.


  • Fixed a potential crash that could occur in the Pairing screen.

UPDATE January 24

Phased release of v 1.57.0 continues today on Windows / macOS / Android
Phased release begins on iOS / tvOS

UPDATE January 25
We have rolled back version 1.57.0 to v 1.56.0 while we investigate reported issues with trainer resistance.

Do you have any questions or issues to report? Ask below.


According to Zwift Insider and it seems like a pretty big one to not mention unless the ZI article isn’t correct:

XP Doubling Removed For Streak Bonuses

Zwift’s update notes say, “Fixed an issue where XP bonuses were getting doubled for Zwifters who were level-capped in the past.”

This fix only impacts Zwifters who were level-capped in the past and built up “extra” XP which Zwift is now using to accelerate your level-ups (read all about Zwift’s accelerated leveling scheme on this post). According to our contacts within Zwift, the only change here is that XP bonuses given for continuing your Streak will no longer be doubled. Other XP earnings, including distance-based XP, will still be doubled.

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Hoping to see the ability to block users coming in an update soon!


Are they saying Zwifters who were level-capped were getting 1000 XP per bonus ?

sounds like it

This change was in the original update notes, but Zwift is telling me some Zwifters are reporting that the change doesn’t seem to have taken effect yet. So Zwift removed it from the notes while they investigate.

Yes. You earned 500xp, but then got another 500xp from your “banked” XP. Just like when you earn 20xp for riding a km.

So Zwift wanted to change it, so you just get the 500xp and not another 500, to slow level-ups a bit.

Have they changed route XP as well? In the TdZ post I mentioned how I got the Achterbahn route badge during Stage 5 while only completing the group C ride which was on the Innsbrucking route, Achterbahn was the A route. The route completion banner appeared during the streak screen after the ride.

I noticed at the end of my ride that I still had exactly 1000xp to go to the next level. I then did a short test ride of less than 1km and after completing that I had leveled up. I assume I had received the 950xp for the Achterbahn achievement badge on that second ride and that it was doubled as well.

Yep, I was getting 2000XP/week just for the streak bonus.

That’s fair enough if you are doing enough riding.

My own thoughts are if you’ve given these benefits to the folk that are already up to 100 then it’s only right that everyone else gets the same.

I’m riding some 90km per day on Zwift (ADZ and climb portal) so I hope I’m doing enough to justify the XP I’m earning.

I’ve only been doing a four or five 30-45min rides a week but with the streak bonus was still finding I was levelling up way faster than I probably deserved to.

Anxiously waiting to be able to confirm this fix. Was unable to update prior to today’s ride.

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The red squares are still not fixed. Saw lots of them on the TdZ Stage 5 this evening.

I am definitely not going to get in to any discussions about XP or levelling up (new year’s resolution! haha) I didn’t pay too much attention to what was happening before so not sure i’d notice if something has or hasn’t changed since this update.

One thing i would like to be able to do though is to reset the streak totals - i ride more than twice every week so my streak screen will just total how much i have ridden since a random point in time (to me) when zwift decided to start this, would be good to be able to reset it monthly, or have it show how much you had done that week or year or whatever.

I haven’t noticed anything wrong since the update but not many of the fixes are applicable to me, seems like minor bug fixes this month.

Does the Streak “skip” button skip all of the Streak screens now?

And still no fix for the swiping issue of the leaderboards on iPads…

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Is there still a plan to fix the Apple Watch integration for heart rate measurement?

I’d really appreciate if I could use my Watch with Zwift again.

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Wasn’t this announced towards the end of last year as “Coming this season”?


Yeah they said January, but based on history I wouldn’t take that as an iron-clad promise. Hopefully soon though. In the mean time people can use a heart rate broadcast app on the Apple Watch like Echo or Heartcast.

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