Game Update 1.58 [February 2024]

Hello Zwifters

Zwift game version 1.58 brings some new features and re-introduces bug fixes that were in version 1.57.0, which you can read about in this previous thread.

  • Hate limitations? So do we! You can now choose any body type you want in the customization screen.
  • Your avatar has a new look! This new appearance better-matches the art within Zwift.
  • Added an option in the Settings menu that allows Zwifters with Elite or Jetblack steering devices to enable or disable the “use steering to select intersections” feature, which is enabled by default.
  • Improved the accuracy of cumulative climbing stats shown on the Ride Streaks screen.
  • Fixed an issue where, after spectating runners via “Just Watch” mode and selecting “Back to Me”, Zwifters could potentially start in Ride mode instead of Run mode.
  • Fixed missing localized text for some languages in the Repack Rush report.
  • Corrected a typo occurring in some languages in the “Let’s Get Moving” workout.


  • Fixed an issue where tall socks may not be displayed properly on avatars in the Garage.

UPDATE February 14
Phaseout to Windows / macOS / Android continues.
Phased rollout to iOS / tvOS has begun.

UPDATE February 15
Phased rollout to all OS platforms is complete.

UPDATE February 16
Version 1.58.2(1.0.126285) macOS only

Any questions or issues to report? Please let us know below.


Hi Zwifters, my name is Evan and I’m an engineering director at Zwift, and I’d like to give you a brief update on our recent game releases.

Shortly after we started the 1.57 game release on January 23, we received a few customer reports of potential issues with trainer resistance, with several reports coming from individuals who were using the Tacx FLUX S trainer. Out of an abundance of caution, we rolled back the 1.57 release so we could safely investigate these reports. In the interim period, we released a small update 1.57.3 on Jan 31.

Today’s release of version 1.58 includes all of the changes that were originally scheduled to go live in 1.57 (you can see a list of those changes here), plus the new changes that are listed in Shuji’s post above.

Over the past several weeks, our teams performed a thorough investigation into potential resistance issues, including working directly with customers and collaborating with the great team at Garmin Tacx. Overall, we were not able to reliably reproduce issues with trainer resistance in Zwift. However, we did put some additional protections in place in game version 1.58 to help mitigate potential issues like this in the future.

For individuals who experience resistance issues, we have a few recommendations:

Several customers that we worked with were able to resolve their resistance issues by performing a calibration routine for their trainer using the appropriate manufacturer’s app. For Tacx FLUX S users, you can download the Tacx Training™ App that is available from Garmin on Apple App Store and Google Play Store and follow the in-app instructions to perform a calibration.

For individuals using Tacx FLUX trainers in ERG mode (e.g. workouts in Zwift), we discussed with the team at Garmin Tacx and confirmed that some level of mechanical shifting is always required to adhere to power levels at the upper/lower end of the ranges for this trainer, which is covered in more detail on this Garmin support page. This means that if you are having difficulty reaching power targets in ERG mode, shifting to a higher gear is required if the power targets are in the upper end of the range, and shifting to a lower gear is necessary to hit power targets in the lower end of the range.

Thanks for your patience as we tested for these potential issues. We have a ton of great features in the works for you this year, as well as significant ongoing investments into improving existing issues and quality-of-life improvements in Zwift.


Was the 3 week cycle for this release a result of the issues leading to the rollback (or layoffs), or is the release cadence going to 3 weeks for the foreseeable future?

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Zwift Insider’s notes on this update (including some notes about stuff Zwift hasn’t mentioned): Zwift Update Version 1.58 (125542) Released | Zwift Insider


The extra week allowed for due diligence on the investigations Evan outlined.
We’ll get back on our 2 week release cycle starting next week.


Still some serious problems with harassment going on. Any word on when blocking or better privacy features are going to be added?

Or when particular problematic individuals can be reliably just kicked off the platform?

When people experience things like this, it can color your whole day, whole week, and your whole long-term experience with Zwift. People shouldn’t have to put up with harassment.


Can I offer a suggestion on updates? Stop with the phased updates! It’s not like you can say “we use phased updates in case there’s issues that come up”. There’s issues that come up with every update regardless whether it’s phased or not. Pick a day and time of the week and release the update to everyone on that day and time Wednesday 11am PST. No one else in the gaming realm does phased updates, or are you not a game? I turn my PC on only to get bombarded with emails from Zwift, articles from ZwiftInsider, Videos from GPlama telling me all about this great update that I may or may not get today (usually not today but maybe by the weekend) We are all paying customers and deserve updates at the same time.

I want to add. I love you Zwift. This annoyance comes from a place of disappointment because I know you can do better. Zwift, you are better than this.


Can you please implement the one below for all steering devices? It constantly interferes with me badge chasing on longer rides where you start losing alertness after some level of strain but there is still some distance to go. And 2 km before done you find yourself OFF the route with no badge! If that would be a toggle that you can flip on or off depending what are you after in this particular ride that would be perfect.

Thank you!

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We understand your point of view, and on the occasions when an all-at-once release is appropriate - we can take that approach.

There’s a difference between minor escaped issues, and game-breaking issues that prevent you from using Zwift at all. Since we started the phased release strategy last year, we’ve caught both of these scenarios more quickly, and swiftly tailored our case by case responses before it impacted everyone.

If you haven’t personally experienced a game-breaking bug in recent memory, this is the desired outcome of the phased rollout strategy, and is why we will continue using it.


Only Elite and Jetblack steering devices have the “use steering to select intersections” functionality available.


I have a feeling the black/maroon squares issue that’s been going on since at least November are being dressed up in a tuxedo to become a feature rather than a bug.

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No, the Kickr Bike also selects intersections with the buttons used for steering. And it’s annoying.

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Just chipping in here as had an unexpected power & cadence disconnection last night on what was a very stable platform prior to last night. Also aware of a few others who had dropped power \ cadence last night either in DRS or ZRL.

Its a kickr shift, bluetooth, win 10.

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Is there a known issue with the WattBike Atom and apple tv and resistance, etc in free ride mode? I have all of these problems since this update and prior none. I ask as there is no reference to these issues in your post for the benefits of the upcoming update 1.58.


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Check that you haven’t put beta firmware onto the Wattbike, and if you have then roll it jt back. Because that can cause problems like this.

@evan-zwift can you speak to the direction of Zwift generally after all of the changes?

Are you going to follow through on the racing improvements that have been worked on? Has the focus switched the broader experience of the more casual user? Are you going to try and slowly level up all of the zwift functionality?

I guess the question ultimately is… what exactly does Zwift want to be? I don’t think the answer to that is very clear, if anyone knows it at all.


I have the KICKR Bike v1, and it does NOT select intersections using the steering buttons. At least not in version 1.58…

Everyone please note our phased rollout continues today.


Hi - I checked your server logs and on your last session, your PC was still on version 1.57.3. Would you reboot your PC / power cycle your KICKR Shift bike before your next ride and verify if this happens again once you get the 1.58 update?