Calibration for Wattbike Atom

(Simon Mitchell ) #1

I’m having problems with ftp test. Spinning out when the 20 min section starts. Zwift blaming my brand new bike. I’ve read on other posts that calibration spinning would solve the problem.
This is not available for the Wattbike Atom.

When will it be available Zwift?

My setup is.
Apple TV.

Wattbike Atom and ERG
(Jon) #2

Hi Simon,

I also have a Wattbike Atom/Apple TV setup to run Zwift and have flagged this to Wattbike previously … through process of elimination this is actually an Apple TV/ Bluetooth Protocol issue (so not a direct Wattbike issue)…

I have found that while doing a training plan (inc FTP tests), any ‘Freeride’ block that you enter, the Wattbike Atom will not allow you to change the gears in order to increase the resistance - hence you spin out. but when you got back into a set ERG block, the resistance will come back on no problem.

… However, I can do the same workout using my iPad and everything works fine (and you are able to increase the resistance during the ‘free ride’ sections (or FTP section) …

So, the (not ideal) fix, if you have another device available, is to use an iPad or iPhone to run Zwift for when you know you will be doing workouts which have ‘free ride’ blocks.

I have flagged this to Wattbike support team and I’m sure this will be fixed in future update but it appears to be an isolated Apple TV/Wattbike/Zwift communication issue.

Hope that helps…

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #3

did you try to change the resistance using the companion app during the free ride? (I don’t have a watt bike sorry)

Or the on scree arrow buttons? (I could not find a picture).

(Simon Mitchell ) #4

Thanks Jon,

I can use other another device.



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(Magnus Nilsson) #5

Has this been solved yet? Thinking of using Apple TV instead of iPad but not if free ride does not work.

(Jon) #6


I don’t believe this has been solved yet … I haven’t tried a ‘free ride’ block for a while though. I will try and test this if I get the opportunity later tonight and let you know…