Wattbike atom ,apple tv issues

Is anyone else still having issues using wattbike atom/apple 4k tv during the ftp test? Warm ups working fine, but resistance drops off on 20 min test ,seems to sit around 120-130 watts .I know it’s an ongoing issue ,just wondered if any fixes are around or in the pipeline.

Hi @lee_parkin

When you get to the 20min test section have you tried changing the resistance using the Companion app.

I believe this is still an ongoing issue. I have posted about this previously (Calibration for Wattbike Atom) …

The ‘not ideal but best workaround’ solution that I have found is to quickly open the pairing devices screen (by hitting the menu button and clicking on the paired devices), and deselecting/reselecting your Atom within the ‘Controllable’ box… Press the Menu button to return to the game and you will then be able to use the gears as normal.

It seems ERG mode stops the ‘gears’ on the Wattbike Atom working and any the signal to reactive the gears is not sent during a freeride section (where you require the gears). Hopefully they will resolve this soon.

Hope this helps.


Any news on this? It’s only the AppleTV that has the issue, my iPad seems fine. It’s been an outstanding issues now for over a year by the looks of it so it would be good to get some feedback from either Wattbike and/or Zwift to at least acknowledge that they’re working on it