Wattbike Atom 2nd Gen resistance and connectivity issues


Was participating in a group ride today and lost connection 3 times and had to go back through pairing to start riding again. The last time it happened all resistance dropped out also

I was using a second Gen Atom, apple 4k, a polar HRM and the companion app on an iPhone.

Has this happened to anyone else?



I have had similar issues. The latest firmware or beta version fixed this. I also turned off all other nearby Bluetooth devices. No dropout issues but I still have some resistance issues

My resistance is generally ok now apart from when standing. If I’m in erg mode in a workout and it’s a standing set I’d expect the pedals to hold my weight and make me work but they don’t and I have to hold my weight on the handle bars and manage the pedal speed. If I’m in gears - I can ramp up the gears to increase resistance whilst that helps it only lasts for 10 secs and then I need to change up a gear again. Eventually I run out of gears. Am running latest firmware. The drop outs were to do with Apple TV - I’m running from iPad now with screen share and that works fine

Hi Andrew - I’m having all these problems too. Only had the Wattbike Atom and Zwift for 3 weeks - loving it but I’ve had to cut so many rides short because of resistance drop offs. It’s so frustrating.

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix or minimise the drop outs, it would be much appreciated!